Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod

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Do you love fishing? Fishing is an enjoyable recreational activity for people of all ages. Pleasurable fishing experience comes about because of the use of suitable fishing equipment. Spinning rods matter significantly in how we enjoy your fishing. While there are many available in the market, knowing the characteristics to look out for help us choose wisely. When looking for a spinning rod, we must look for one that provides us with the convenience we need.

  • The rod is white giving it a stylish and attractive look.
  • The rod is suitable for all bait application due to its power, action, and strength.
  • The rod is medium in length and therefore suitable for both short and long di casting. It is also able to catch big fishes such as the bass.
  • It is light in weight thus giving the user maximum control over the retrieval of the fish. It is less strenuous to use for all types of people. The lightweight property gives you, the user, the balance you need to fish.
  • The rod has various type of models that one can choose from.
  • The rod has strengthened fibers due to the Abu trademark sub-layer armor. It makes it last longer and increases the hoop strength.
  • The rod is affordable thus providing high value to the users,
  • The rod is bound to break sometimes due to the increased strength of the blank.
  • The product may not be suitable for individuals who prefer too long or too short lengths of the rod.

What is an Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod?

The product represents the latest invention with regards to spinning rods. The spinning rod combines the new improved modern technology with the traditional one. The combination provides the angler with an extraordinary experience while fishing. The most dominant characteristic is that it is lightweight and at the same time strong.
The lightweight property allows it to remain sensitive as we can feel the weight of the fish. It has the advanced technology of a micro-click reel hood design design which firmly connects the reel and the rod. It provides additional strength which improves the overall performance of the spinning rod alongside adding style.

Product Strong Features

The improved technology employed in the making of the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod has dramatically improved its backbone. The equipment can comfortably handle hard fighting bass. The flexibility of the rod increases the chances of fishing any size of fish.
Its weight gives us the feeling of being in control. You can have much of the control in fishing without much straining. The spiral carbon core blank technology employed improved the strength significantly. The technique improved the strength to up to 30%. The break property improved up to 22%.

Another feature is the zirconia. The feature helps in increasing the accuracy of fishing. It also allows us to increase our rod casting distance so that we can fish comfortably.

Improved Sensitivity

The Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod has improved sensitivity. The feature that brings about the property is the spiral carbon core blank technology. It makes the rod lightweight, and that reduces the brittleness and increases sensitivity. The titanium frame guides technology reduces the friction that usually occurs when we are casting. We are therefore able to throw the rod far from where we are standing. After hitting the water, we can feel the rod and prepare in advance for action. As a result, we can catch all sizes of fish both small and big.


Power measures the strength of the rod in lifting all types of weight. Many of the products in the market lack the strength that comes with Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod. The product uses the spiral carbon core blank technology to improve the backbone strength. The strength can lift fish as large as the bass. It also gives us an opportunity to conduct offshore fishing.

The Length

The length of the rod is a significant factor when we want to enjoy our fishing expedition. The length of a rod determines the amount of power employed in fishing. A good length should position us well so that we can comfortably fish. Both long and short rods have their limitations. However, the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod provides us with a medium rod for fishing.
The medium length of the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod allows us to cast it farther from where we are standing. We can do offline fishing using this type of product. The rod length is suitable when one wants to have full control while retrieving the fish. It allows us to catch fish of any size comfortably.


The action of the rod measures its ability to bend when under pressure. Fast rod action is that which twists only the third top of its blank. The medium action rods bend almost half of the top when exerted with weight. The low action rods stoops throughout the entire length. It is best to select the fast action rod as you never know what type of fish you are going to fish.
The Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod is fast action. It only bends a third of its blank when under pressure. The property increases the sensitivity of the rod due to the use of spiral carbon core blank technology. We can, therefore, use the rod for hook setting. The rod is ideal for both long and short casting during fishing, game fishing, and fishing under heavy cover.
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It is good to choose a product that suits one’s preference. Everyone wants fishing equipment that will make them look forward to fishing. Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod provides a variety of benefits at an affordable price. It allows us to do many activities of fishing such as offshore and game fishing.

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