Many people think that a fly fishing net gear is the kind of device that should not be focused on. I do not agree with them. In real life, a poorly chosen landing net or its absence can lead to a loss of a trophy.

Fine then, but it’s just a net? Handle, hoop, and mesh… How can it be any difficult? Wouldn’t it be best to grab the most robust net you can get, the more expensive one, and enjoy it? However, a fly fishing net is a delicate matter. One that requires special attention, otherwise, you risk losing your long-awaited trophy. If you don’t want that to happen, this review is for you.

Top 5 Best Fly Fishing Nets in 2019

Booms Fishing N01 Fly Fishing Net — Best Bamboo Landing Net

It’s a perfect landing net for fly fishing. You can forget about flies getting tangled in the mesh, and that means more time for fishing, is always great to have.

The mesh is made from clear rubber, and fish won’t be spooked at all. For extra eco-friendliness, the frame is made of laminated bamboo.

  • Magnetic release
  • Eco-friendly
  • Clear mesh
  • Mesh cells a bit wide at the center

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Landing Net ⁠ — Safest for Fish

Rubber mesh is an industry standard when it comes to landing nets. This Maxcatch fishing net is no exception. The net is made to allow safe catching and releasing fish without damage to their health and life. That’s why it comes with a magnetic release

  • A flexible and lightweight frame
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage
  • Safe for fish
  • The magnet is a bit weak for big fish

KastKing Blackfoot Fly Fishing Landing Net — Best Overall

If you want a hi-tech fishing net, this KastFish is a great choice thanks to the carbon frame and non-slip handle. The latter feature is more important than people give it credit for. After all, fly fishing nets are more than likely to get wet, and most of the time, that makes them slippery.

This fishing net is more durable than most and more lightweight at the time. Despite that, it is not very expensive.

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  • Carbon frame
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Relatively low price
  • I can't think of any disadvantage with this product

PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net — Best for Low-Profile Boats

If this fly fishing net is not stylish, then I don’t know what is. The mesh looks great, but it’s more than just the looks. It is just as great you would think after throwing a single glance at it. It’s all but invisible in water. As a result, spooking fish is a challenge if you’re using this landing net. It’s ultralight, and it would make an excellent gift.

  • Easy to store
  • Invisible in water
  • Stylish
  • Handle too short for taller boats

Fly Fishing Set — Ideal for Catching Big Fish

If you’ve lost a landing net once, you know how that feels. Not quite disastrous, but at the same time, it’s something you’d rather avoid if you can. You can do a lot to prevent history from repeating itself, but the only way to eliminate the very possibility of losing a fishing  landing net ever again is getting a fishing landing net that is incapable of sinking. This fishing set includes exactly that kind of fishing landing net.

The net won’t harm your fish, and it won’t spook it either.

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  • Unsinkable landing net. It’s lighter than water, and you can always pick it up even if you drop it overboard
  • Triangle-shaped
  • Durable
  • Only good for big fish

Buyer’s Guide

Before shopping for a fishing landing net, you need to get the theory behind it. You can read a ton of material on the Internet, listen to hours of video, but if you don’t want to let it in, you won’t be able to make a perfect choice.That is why I made the most simple, accessible, and useful guide on how to choose your first fishing net. A fly fishing net is a simple tool for lifting fish from the water, which consists of three (usually) elements: a handle, a hoop, and a net.


The main thing to pay attention to is the material from which it is made. Most often, it’s just a choice between two options.I advise taking the third option. There’s nothing better than durable stainless steel. 

Aluminum Alloy

They make the least expensive nets. The handle made of aluminum is usually hollow inside so that the total weight of the net is as comfortable as possible for an angler. However, this design affects the strength of the whole structure negatively.

Carbon Fiber

Handles made from this material are a bit more expensive, but at the same time, they are much lighter than any metal handles. Thanks to that, you can pull the fish out of the water more often without experiencing fatigue.They can also be even stronger than metal handles.


The hoop is just that. Essentially, it’s a frame attached to the handle with the mesh attached to the hoop itself.  The shape of the hoop can be an ellipse, triangle, rectangle, circle, or even a trapezoid. Anything works.There are two crucial factors to pay attention to.


You can get three types of hoops. A one-piece, folding, and multi-component.A one-piece, due to the lack of connections, can bear a high load and has enhanced strength. The other two types have the advantage of being easy to transport and store.Between those two, a combined hoop is usually made of two metal arcs and a cloth cord connecting them.


Most often, the hoop is made from metal (an aluminum alloy). However, you can find carbon fiber hoops,  like the handle. That said, I don’t recommend that. It’s better to use aluminum or, better yet, stainless steel.


Usually, it is made from fishing line, fabric threads, or silicone.The fishing line does not absorb water and fish excretions (slime and so on), which means it does not smell and dries quickly. The fabric is stronger than the fishing line, and you can grab some serious trophies with it. However, I don’t recommend it because it absorbs smells and can get the hooks trapped in it. The silicone is mainly intended for fishing for delicate fish, like trout.

Target Fish

Before buying a fly fishing net, you need to decide what you need a net for. Are you going to be fishing from shore or your boat? Is it going to be small fish or predator fish? Choose the mesh size depending on the fish you want to catch. For pike from 6 lbs, I use a 2-3 inch mesh.

Trophy Fish

For fishing a trophy predator or simply large fish, I recommend using a landing net with a large triangular hoop, a sturdy telescopic handle (ideal when fishing from a boat) and a large cell synthetic mesh. It takes a while to wear out, and it does not absorb odors. I don’t recommend a foldable hoop, get a one-piece. Any folding mechanism is only an extra weak point on a big fish.The net should be large and reliable. The design must be rigid, without any folding mechanisms. The hoop should be made of rigid material. The mesh of the net should be made of thick fishing line, or another material not prone to trapping hooks. Threads often used for nets are completely inappropriate, as the hooks will be mercilessly tangled in them.I would advise that the landing net is not very heavy. Maybe it doesn’t matter to someone, but I often fish alone, and I have to drag all the fish myself. A heavy landing net, in this case, will create more problems, since it is difficult to handle it with one hand.It’s cool if the net can float. It won’t go underwater if dropped overboard. I heard quite a few stories about nets that had been lost that way. Do not be one of those guys. Choose a floating net or add a safeguard of your own.

Small Fish

For fishing for peaceful fish or sports fishing, I recommend a rounded hoop, about 10-15 inches in diameter. If the hoop can float, that should allow you to put the net on the water, which will facilitate and speed up the haul. A telescopic handle or one with a plug connector, up to 10 feet in length will allow you to catch fish in difficult fishing conditions (shallow water near the shore, snags, shore overgrown with bushes and reeds).


For fishing from the shore, choose a landing net with a long handle – 6 feet or more. For fishing from a boat, a 3-5 feet handle is enough. I advise you to choose a plug connection handle, rather than a telescopic one. The plug connector is stronger and more reliable, in my opinion.


The price of the net typically depends on the brand and the material. If you fish twice a season for small fish, you don’t need the big guns, but if you’re after a trophy fish, you need to spend some extra.If you plan to explore several fishing techniques, then you need at least several different nets.

Last Minute Tips

If you can help it, the handle should be one-piece, not telescopic, at least 4 feet in length. It won’t be convenient to transport, but it can withstand a greater load. On the other hand, if transportation is an issue, the handle should be easy to unhook. It is best that the handle is telescopic. Sometimes, the trophy is poorly hooked, and there is no chance to pull it up closer. So you can extend the net instead.Contradictory? Yes, but that’s fishing for you.As for the shape of the frame, it should be round, triangular or trapezoidal, and always solid.The connecting piece between the handle and the hoop must be made of metal, not plastic. This will increase the “survival rate” of the net.The mesh material should be made of fishing line or rubberized material that does not damage the mucous layer of the fish. Those materials are safe for fishing hooks. They are easy to wash and dry quickly and therefore are not susceptible to rotting and bad smell, unlike other materials.If your landing net can float, then this is a definite plus. If it accidentally falls out of the boat, it will be easy to find and pick up. Buoyancy is one of the best features even if it’s low. Even if the net float for a brief time before it goes down, you will still have that time to recover it.The net should be spacious so that the trophy can get there, and not just its head or tail.

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