Do you want to taste sea adventures and plan a cruise? Or maybe you prefer to try your hand at surfcasting fishing? I’m not here to convince you of the superiority of the mainland over “rocking” in the open sea or vice versa. All you need to know is that you need equipment other than fishing from the beach to fish from the boat – in the shops you will find special sea ​​rods adapted to both methods. What to pay attention to and how to buy a good rod?

You can find the answers to those questions in my buyer’s guide. For now, though, you can get acquainted with my top 5 picks

Top 5 Best Sea Rod and Reel Combos in 2019

ZACX Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo — Ready for Fishing

The ZACX seawater fishing kit is an excellent combo for fishing at sea. You get marine-grade fishing rod and reel, and you also get a bunch of terminate tackle and lures. The reel is made of metal and is equipped with an anti-reverse system.

The rod, on the other hand, is made from carbon fiber and is extremely lightweight and durable.

  • High-quality, durable lures
  • Durable telescopic rod
  • Metal reel
  • Anti-reverse system
  • The rod isn't the right choice for beginners

Ministoream Rod and Reel Combo — Best Bang for the Buck

It’s one thing when a fishing rod and reel suitable for sea fishing are available. But are they affordable? This rod and reel combo is both. You also get a fishing line, which is highly noticeable for human vision and other terminal tackle and lures. The strongest part of this set is the reel. The rod, unfortunately, is less durable.

Basically, it’s beginner-friendly ready-made fishing set. You can use it without any fishing experience and purchasing other fishing equipment. Except a boat, of course, but then again, you don’t need a boat to fish.

  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Aluminum spool
  • Telescopic rod
  • Price
  • The rod is not really all that durable

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo — Best Overall

If you have no idea what you need and the only thing that you know is that you plan to go fishing at sea, this is the best fishing rod and reel combo. It even looks reliable, although looks can be deceptive. Not in this instance, though.

If you know what kind of tackle you need, you can get the kit without terminal tackle and lures. If not, you can get this ready-for-fishing kit. Everything in a single box!

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  • Elastic rod
  • Slow action. Best for beginners
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • Stock line underperforms. Get a replacement line to ensure best results

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combo — Beginner Friendly

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole with Spinning Reel for Travel Saltwater Freshwater Fishing

This is a good and not really expensive fishing set. I wouldn’t call it durable, and that’s too bad, but otherwise, it’s a great product that is definitely one of the best fishing kits for beginners.  The rod is made from carbon and fiberglass blend, which makes it extra flexy and slow-action, and the reel is suitable both for left-handed people and right-handed people, a feature too many reels lack.

On top of all that, it is convenient to carry.

  • Slow-action
  • Flex
  • Reel suitable for left-handed people
  • Convenient to store and carry
  • Not durable

OUTLIFE Fishing Tackle Kit — Most Robust

If you’re planning a boat trip and you want to bring a fishing rod with you, this is probably the best thing you can take with you. The kit has all the stuff that you need for fishing, and while it is specially designed for fishing in seawater, it’s also more than adequate for fresh water.

The spool is made from aluminum, and the rod is just as robust. What’s more important, terminal tackle can also endure lots of ordeals.

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  • Dustproof carrying bag
  • Metal reel
  • Quality terminal tackle
  • The reel is a little hard to crank

Buyer’s Guide

Sea angling has a steady crowd of followers. Sea anglers are basically a different kind of fisher. Indeed, the vast majority of them are people who live not too far from the coast, but it’s not just them. Anyone can often overcome a considerable distance, to feel the smell of seawater and a breath of sea breeze on the face once again. It may seem strange to some people, but quite a few of sea anglers have never fished in freshwater! And it is not a small portion by any margin. Although to be truthful, there are many people who’ve only ever been fishing in freshwater as well.

 The advantage of beach casting is the undoubtedly easy availability of this method. You do not need to own or even rent a boat, you can fish in waders or even from land – which works more than fine in at shallow seas. That kind of technique is ideal for carp fishing.

Surfcasting Fishing Rod

Surfcasting is an excellent fishing method for those who want to get a taste of sea fishing but cannot go on a cruise for some reason, be it a tight budget or health issues. Unfortunately, beach fishing is not without disadvantages. Fish, especially seawater fish, do not always bite near the shore, and you can’t have bridge piers or breakwater available to you everywhere. That is why you need something to compensate for that disadvantage.

When selecting a fishing rod, pay attention to the length of the throw. Of course, the casting distance does not only depend on the rod itself but also on the angler’s skills, fishing technique, or weather conditions. But I can’t really help you with those three things, especially the weather, that’s why I’m focusing on the fishing rod only.

Beachcasting rods are characterized by high power. That kind of power is not needed to pull the fish, because, with the typical target fish, a light fishing rod would do the job. But you need that power to cast large weights along with large lures over a long distance. Of course, several other hardware aspects will affect your performance, but power is more important.

You need something that you can use to cast the bait as far as 500 feet. It’s an impressive distance, and you need a rod with a casting weight of up to 7oz to be able to cast that far.

Lighter fishing rods work better and have better dynamics. The length of the rod for beach fishing is less critical, but it should be around 12 feet or more. It won’t help you to improve the casting distance, but it will help you keep the line above the water.

When it comes to the material of the rods, some anglers who practice surfcasting prefers softer fiberglass rods, which are perfect for near the shoreline. However, if you are focused on long casts, a light and rigid carbon fiber fishing rod would be the best option for you.

Boat Fishing Rod

 When preparing for a cruise on a fishing boat, you do not need a fishing rod longer than 8 feet. And, it can actually be a lot shorter than that. What I’m trying to say, is that the length of the rod isn’t important at all for boat fishing.

For boat fishing, other parameters come to the forefront. A light fishing rod will suffice for shallow water and a more massive rod for deeper water.

A saltwater trolling rod is a lot more like a power-up option of typical bait casting pole.  It features a spool that’s mounted on top of the rod and has a tremendous back-lash capacity.  What you need from the rod is the ability to handle massive fish biting the cure.

Dedicated vs. Universal

Of course, you do not need to buy a dedicated sea ​​rod if you intend to fish at the beach of a shallow bay just 2-3 times a year when you go on vacation. You might as well use a universal rod for spinning another fishing techniques, as long as the rod’s parameters are more or less within the optimum. On the other hand, boat owners who offer cod fishing trips also usually provide the equipment, for a fee, so you do not even have to own your own fishing rod if that’s what you have planned.

However, if you live at a bay or something like that, and you want to fish from the beach more than a few times a year,  you should invest in s decided sea ​​rod. They are stronger and more durable, so they will not be damaged by the first strong wave. A sea fishing rod is overloaded often and is designed to handle that. A sea fishing rod is adequately stiff and massive. Besides, such rods are adapted to contact with salt water, which undoubtedly enhances their durability and contributes to the aesthetic appearance.

Sea Fishing Reel

The first thing you should decide before choosing a sea fishing rod is What kind of reel you’re going to use. There can be no compromises here. If you want the gear to serve you for a few seasons, you cannot save on reels.

As with the rods, we can purchase a decent product that will cost you quite a bit. Or, you can buy something cheaper, but such a reel won’t last, and you will not make too many casts with it before it breaks. A reel with a fixed spool is a great solution used by many beach anglers.


I have a few important things to say regarding the maintenance of fishing gear and tackle, be it rods, reels, lures, lines or other terminal tackle.

After fishing, make sure to wash the equipment under running water to get rid of salt, which will inevitably destroy it, even if the gear is sea waterproof. Remember, salt is corrosive. I wash my equipment after every fishing session at sea, regardless of how late I come back from the trip and how tired I am. By doing so, I am prolonging the lifespan of my gear, and thus, save money.

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