Feelfree Lure 13.5 Kayak – Find out Everything There Is to Know

The Feelfree Kayak 3.5 Kayak is a fishing kayak that has all the options anyone could need. There are many things to consider with this kayak because it does much more than simply paddle down the stream. You can do all your fishing from this kayak, and you can even prep your fish or bait when needed. Take a look at each feature of this kayak when planning your purchase.

  • The kayak is light and easy to move
  • The kayak comes with places for your bait and rods
  • You can get this kayak in many different colors
  • There is a wheel on the keel for easy movement
  • The adjustable sonar pod makes it easy to install electronics
  • This kayak is very long, and it could be too long for you to transport easily
  • The kayak does not have a second chair for tandem fishing even though there is a lot of space inside the kayak itself
  • There is no place for you to put your oar or paddle
  • The table and bait storage area is not that large

Many Colors

The kayak comes with a camo design that covers many different colors. You can get it in the normal blue that helps you blend in on the water, or you could check the other colors which mesh camouflage with green, yellow, red, or gray. The kayak can reflect your personal style, or you could get everyone in your family a kayak in their favorite color.

The Rudder

You can get this kayak with or without the rudder. You might want a rudder if you ever plan to use a small motor, or you could get it without the rudder because you plan to paddle on your own. The kayak are typically made to order, and you choose the rudder option when buying.

The Platform

The standing platform on this kayak makes it much easier for you to stand up straight, keep your balance, and fish from that position. You have been given extra room to move your feet, and you can turn around if necessary. This Kayla has expanded that personal space you need in the center around your seat.

The Swivel Seat

The seat in the middle of the kayak is padded, comfortable, and adjustable. You can turn the chair while fishing, and you can sit back while fishing. You can’t be much more comfortable when you are fishing because you have a real seat that you can sit back in, and you can extend your legs to get as comfortable as you need. The seat has just enough space for an adult or child to sit, and it allows you to get comfortable when you are paddling for long distance as most kayaks do not allow you to stretch your legs.

Sonar Pod

The sonar pod can be removed easily so that you can install your electronics. You can use special tracking programs while fishing, and they will all integrate with the kayak. You can keep an eye on the pod from your seat, and you will find that even a novice can do the installation before going out on the water.

The Table

The lid has a built-in table that you can use to pre bait or cut fish. You will find that this table gives you a space to set things down, and you can set down a drink or any other personal items on this flat surface. There is a little bit of texture on the table to make it easier to use, and the traction from the table makes it safer for you to use when cutting or scaling.

Fishing Rod Holders

You can use two fishing rod holders on the kayaks to mount your rods while paddling. You could leave them there if you are taking a rest, and you can easily remove the rods when it is time to fish. These rod holders are easy to access from the seat on the boat, and you will be happy knowing that you do not need to make extra space or constantly watch your rods while the kayak is moving.

Wheel On The Keel

There is a wheel on the keel that will help you in moving the kayak when you out of the water. You can pull this kayak anywhere you need it to go, and it is light enough that it will follow along without any trouble. You can flip this kayak over to strap to the top of your car, and that wheel will never get in the way.

Favorable Length And Weight

The kayak is a manageable 13.5 feet long, and it only weighs 95 pounds. This is the perfect sort of kayak for someone who wants to have a personal fishing vessel that they can move on their own. You can use this kayak because it is easy even for a young child to move, and you still have enough space in the kayak for fishing.

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The Feelfree Lure 13.5 kayak is a nice fishing kayak that provides you with all the amenities you need for a good fishing trip. You get the extra space that is needed to move around in the kayak, but you are not saddled with a heavy kayak that is too hard to use. The comfortable chair allows you to fix while leaning back, and you can even attach a rudder or motor to the kayak if you need. Integrate your electronics, and use this kayak for all the fishing trips that you have coming up with the family.

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