Winter fishing is not very forgiving when it comes to frivolous attitude and poor preparation. Even when you’re careful, you can still freeze your fingers, get hypothermia, catch a cold. What does that mean? You need appropriate equipment. Especially footwear and outerwear.

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Modern clothes for winter fishing

There is a wide variety of winter fishing kits. In our opinion, the best and most functional sets consist of semi-overalls and a jacket. As a rule, such clothes are designed for extreme conditions, at temperatures ranging from 32F to -40F degrees. Semi-overalls protect the lower part of the body and legs, and the hooded jacket protects the upper part, neck and head. This is a good way to dress up. Combined with thermal underwear such an outfit provides maximum comfort while fishing.

Popular materials

To make winter fishing suits, manufacturers utilize mostly synthetic materials able to retain heat, repel moisture from the outside and drain condensate from the inside. Most often, they use:

Polartec. This brand includes a huge family of innovative fabrics (over 150 types), all of which are notable for their lightness, durability, ability to keep warm as good as wool, excellent protective and “breathing” properties, and easy maintenance.

Windblock is a material that is a perfect shield against frosts, strong wind, snow and rain. This protection comes from a unique combination: outer fleece – membrane – inner fleece. It is a waterproof, windproof, vapor wicking material, ideal for making winter outerwear.

Thinsulate is a widely used synthetic polyester insulation. It reliably protects people from cold at low temperatures (up to -40 degrees). Other features include lightness, elasticity, water resistance, wear resistance. Due to the special interlacing of fibers, Thinsulate forms an air cushion that makes a person comfortable and cozy.

Membrane fabric. Any modern material (including Polartec) with an ultra-thin polymer film with microscopic pores. The micropores have a very important function – they ensure one-way water permeability. That is, from the inside the moisture comes out unhindered, but not in the opposite direction.

Thermal underwear

Fishers who believe comfort is paramount, use thermal underwear along with winter outwear. That eliminates the need to put on a bunch of extra clothes. In winter, a fisher has to walk a lot in search of fish schools, drill a lot of wells, and those are physical activities. Everyone would sweat after that, and if the vapor does not come out, it is sure to freeze. With thermal underwear, it is a non-issue. Not only does it remove the vapor, but it also keeps warm well.

When buying thermal underwear you should pay attention to the materials. Outlast products create an optimal microclimate and are considered one of the best. That material accumulates heat during physical activity, and gives the heat back when there’s no activity again. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is heat exchange.

Choose well and catch your big fish!

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