Everyone who went fishing at least once knows that it is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors. However, before you begin to enjoy the nature that surrounds you in that way, you need to buy fishing tackle tailored to your needs and skills. Choosing a new rod is quite a challenge not for novices but also for experienced anglers. We all struggle with choosing our best fishing equipment. But it doesn’t mean that this task is impossible to accomplish.

When buying fishing rods, You need to pay attention to the type of the rod and its Functions and features. To make your choice more comfortable, I have made a list of best fishing rods and a buyer’s guide as well.

If you are looking for a fishing rod that is just right for you and will give you the ability to control precise long-distance casts, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Mikado Forever Long Feeder ⁠ — Best Overall

The product was made of carbon (a.k.a. graphite). Therefore it is lightweight, but at the same time extremely durable and resistant to damage. It’s a perfect fishing rod for fishing with heavy fishing tackle. What distinguishes the rod is almost zero flexibility.

This is a product with a swift peak action, which is why it is not suitable for inexperienced anglers. The rods make pulling a fish ashore tricky for beginners.

The total length of the rod is 23’, while its transport length is not too large. This means that you can throw it in the trunk and head wherever you want. This is a telescopic fishing rod that is made from 5 pieces. The rod allows a precise cast, as well as a quick jig.

  • Fast action
  • Comfortable transportation
  • Durability. The material of the rod is graphite, which ensures its reliability and resistance to damage
  • Lightness. The rod is not too heavy, so even after a few hours of holding it in your hands, you should not feel muscle pain and discomfort.
  • Pulling the fish can be difficult. Considering the action of the rod, inexperienced anglers may have a problem with pulling ashore the fish they’ve caught.

High Carbon Fishing Rod — Best Spinning Rod for Small Boats

The rod is easy to transport and store because it is telescopic. The product is made of carbon, which is why it is lightweight but extremely durable. This fishing equipment is suitable for sea fishing.

A disadvantage for some angler is that you need to maintain the rod after each use since it’s a spinning rod. Rinse it in fresh water and dry thoroughly. That tends to take a lot of time.

The total length of the model is more than sufficient for fishing. You can use spinners and minnows from a small boat.

  • Production. The rod was made carbon. This material is durable and resistant to moisture.
  • Pleasant to the touch and adapts well to the shape of the hand.
  • Reel. Because the attached reel has been solidly made and does not stutter during work, the use of the rod is very convenient
  • Compact. The product is telescopic, which makes transporting the model less complicated.
  • Guides. The guides could be better made.

DAM Steelpower Blue Tele Surf ⁠ — Best Telescopic Rod

The transport length of the rod is concise, which is why it can be transported easily in your car and even in public transport. An additional advantage of the rod is that it allows you to cast at a considerable distance, even with a light lure.

The product is not suitable for heavy fishing (both from the shore and from the boat). If the load is too heavy, the rod may snap.

The model is built from seven parts. The total length of the product is more than ten feet, the right choice for light fishing. The rod weighs very little and has six guides. You can quickly feel even a gentle bite.

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  • Carbon rod. Due to the use of blanks made of high-quality graphite, you can accurately cast the bait over a considerable distance, regardless of how much it weighs
  • Optimal transport length
  • Little weight
  • Only for small fish. The model is not adapted for massive fish.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods — Most durable

If you want to buy a solidly made, yet relatively cheap rod, I encourage you to consider the KastKing Feeder. 

These rods were made of 24-ton carbon matrix. Therefore, you can be sure that the product will serve you for many years. It\s two highly dynamic smooth rods that will be fun to fish with.

The KastKing Feeder is comfortable to use, and, what’s more important, it has a beautiful design.

  • Quality. The rod does not destroy too quickly, as it is resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Light. The product is lightweight, making it easy to hold in your hand
  • Design. The equipment has a simple yet beautiful design, so it will appeal to many anglers.
  • Handle. Some people might think that the handle is not very ergonomic.

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod — Best Bang for the Buck

On the Internet, you can find a lot of positive feedback about the Plusinno Fishing Rod, and for a good reason. The product is available at a relatively low price. As a result, more people can afford to buy it.

The rod has a length of 7 ft. It’s a two-piece rod, which allows you to transport the product freely. The weight of the rod is 122g. The handle is solidly made, and it quickly adjusts to the shape of the hand, which provides a secure grip.

It is a rod that will work primarily for beginners, and it’s comfortable to use during fishing. All in all, the rod is cheap, long, and lightweight.

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  • Length. Since the transport length of the rod is only small, the product will fit in any trunk.
  • Comfort. The rod is comfortable to hold.
  • Guides

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a good rod has a direct effect on how fun and pleasurable your fishing is going to be. However, it is not so simple. You cannot just buy a good fishing rod and expect it to make all your fishing perfect and for all the effort. First, it’s actually up to you in the end. But that’s kind of a given. Second—and that a little bit more tricky—a lot of things depend on what fish you want to fish.

But you have almost no experience in this sphere, it is very easy to get lost. Because of that, you may end up buying nothing or something that you don’t actually need, not because the vendor was trying to upsell or cross-sell, but because you didn’t know precisely what you needed. It is especially likely in if you find yourself in a fishing shop or browsing offered goods on online store. After all the choice there is enormous. That is why I believe that you need this guy, and that is why I am presenting it to you. Hopefully, it will let you know exactly what fishing rod to choose. I’m handing you all the information you need to select the perfect rod for you, with your needs taken into the equation.


We can divide fishing rods into three categories: telescopic rods, one-piece rods, and segmental rods.

Telescopic rods have retractable elements hidden inside each other. One part rods close are exactly that. You won’t find them in online stores very often, because they’re rather hard to ship. Segmental rods come in several parts that are connected with each other.

Telescopic rods pack the smallest, and that is their most significant advantage.  They are the easiest to transport. On the other hand, all the segments have different circumferences, and that affects their strength in a somewhat negative way. That’s why the best telescopic rods are usually spinning rods because their guides have to be smaller than each other anyway.

One piece rods are the most durable rods. They do not have any artificially introduced weak points, and that makes them the best choice for fishing big fish. Unfortunately, one-piece fishing rods are also the most inconvenient to carry, especially if they are longer than 6 feet.

Segmental rods are definitely weaker than one piece rods, but the parts do have the same circumference. I can only recommend them for catching fish that is not too heavy because the joints are not always stable enough.

Types by purposes 

The structural design classification is not the only way to categorize the fishing rods. Most of the time, you will need rods that have different lengths for different purposes. Sometimes, it can fall into several categories.  That is not a mistake, because the reason for that is that these categories may or may not overlap.

Entry level rods. These are straight rods from 10 to 30 feet long. They may lack a reel, and the line is attached to the tip or a rubber damper. Such a fishing rod is suitable for catching small fish. Naturally, they are perfect for beginners.

Shore rods. They are usually between 15 and 30 feet long and are equipped with reels. They are used for baitcasting from the shore.

Spin casting rods. Spincasting is a fishing technique that is very similar to baitcasting, to the point that people often confuse them. Spin casting rods typically have a reel mount on top of the rod and not under it.

Feeder rods. These are used for a technique that doesn’t employ using a float. The lure typically rests on the bottom of the river or lake. They come in very different lengths, from 5 feet to 10 feet, and even 20 feet.

Jig fishing rods. They are similar to any spin casting rod, but I am must be suitable for catching big fish. That kind of a fishing rod has to be extra durable and extra heavy-power.

Carp fishing rods. Carps make great trophies, especially older and more massive specimen. A rod for carp fishing should be made specifically for this kind of technique. Such a fishing rod has to be at least 12 feet long, durable, heavy, and extra slow action. I also recommend buying a fishing rod holder.

Trolling rods. These rods are extra short—no longer than 5 feet—and very slow action.

Fly fishing rods. As the name suggests, they are made for fly fishing. They come in many sizes, and they’re primarily meant for experienced anglers. That’s not to say that novices don’t have a chance, because fly fishing rods are also made for beginners

Ice rods. These are the shortest fishing rods you can find. They are usually not even 3 feet long, and super sturdy. As a matter of fact, you can use a stick and fishing line for ice fishing, although I wouldn’t call such a setup very comfortable. 

Spinning rods. They used for fishing fish prey, such as pike. They are quite short and usually do not exceed 10 feet. Spinning rods are generally made telescopic. They are mostly made for experienced anglers.

Surf rods. These are fishing rods made for surf casting. There are usually up to 15 feet long, and they can handle a considerable load.

Sports rods. Fishing is a sport, no matter how you look at it, and of course, dedicated rods for sports fishing exist. I think that you are unlikely to use such a fishing rod. They are expensive, and they can be very long, up to 60 feet.


Formerly, fishing rods used to be heavy, although very handy. The manufacturers were aware that some anglers have to walk for a long time to get to the water, and carrying heavy equipment was uncomfortable. And you know what?  Nothing’s really changed. Yeah, you probably have a car, but it’s not going to help you to get to the edge water every time you want. 

That is why the most used material that is utilized in fishing rod production is carbon fiber, which is not only light, but also very durable. At the same time, you can still find cheaper rods made of aluminum or even plastic. Fiberglass is also employed. It is lightweight as well, but it is less expensive than carbon fiber.

Getting a bamboo rod is still possible, but it is no longer an economical option.


The length of the rod is an important parameter that affects how comfortable your fishing will be. It should be chosen based on the fishing technique you’re going to use and the terrain. You have to account for convenience, of course, but you also should keep in mind the distance where you need to cast the lure.

If you fish from the shore, you need a rod with a longer reach. However, if no one needs a long rod to fish from the boat.

Then there is the transport length to consider. One piece fishing rods are all inconvenient to transport, so it’s something you should think of if you are buying a telescopic or segmental fishing rod. The more segments the rod is made of, the easier it’s transportation will be.


The weight is straightforward.  The lighter the rod, the better. Low weight means more comfort during fishing. It is especially vital for spinning.

Even if you are the type who likes reading a book while fishing and you usually put the rod into the rod holder, that does not make the weight any less critical. Keep in mind, you will have to pick up the rod and pull the fish after it bites.


This is one of the most critical parameters that you should consider when purchasing a fishing rod. It is fundamental for how you pull the fish and cast the lure.

Slow action means a flexible rod. Fast action means a rigid rod.

Slow action rods are ideal for beginners, and they also make pulling the fish out of the water most comfortable. Fast action rods allow casting the lure farther, but only if you are experienced. They are not beginner friendly.

Lure Weight

Exactly what it is. If the lure is too light, you won’t be able to cast it far enough. If it’s too heavy, the rod may be unable to handle the stress.


You can easily find a very cheap fishing rod, but it’s likely to be made of toxic material. Besides, it’s hard to get a hold of such a rod or proper fishing gear in general. But that doesn’t mean that you have to grab a fishing rod that costs over $500. A lot depends on what you need to do with the rod and what tackle you’re going to use.

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